3 Things To Do To Sell Your House Fast

Home For Sale ImageHere we are heading into the end of the year and one of the common misconceptions in real estate is how slow it is this time of year. The reality is there are ALWAYS buyers in the market, they key is getting your house to stand out.

So what can you do to insure your house sells faster?

1. Start with curb appeal.

     It’s the first thing your potential buyers will focus on when they pull up to your home so it needs to be the first thing you focus on. Even during the winter months making your home look warm and inviting is key, Time.com found that great curb appeal actually increases selling price by 17%. So trim those bushes, rake those leaves and some color to your front yard and entry way.

2. Get your home show ready. 

     Every agent you talk to the first thing they are going to recommend decluttering. Clear the counter tops, box up some of the knick knacks and kids toys and pair down the closets. Those are real estate 101 and a great place to start. If you want to distinguish yourself from the other houses on the market though you have to take it a step further. There was a time when STAGING your house was something expected only on high end homes but the truth is any how staged well sells well. It’s not about hiring a professional to come in and bring in other furniture, it can be as simple as clearing out as much of your personal items as possible and moving your furniture strategically in the house to utilize the space making it as appealing as possible.

3. Hire the right agent.

     The days of having an agent list your house on MLS, put a sign in your yard and run an ad in the paper don’t yield great results anymore. All buyers, especially all the millennials who are now in the market place are doing their searching online. Having a solid online presence for your home is vital to getting your house sold fast and for top dollar.

For example when I list a house I start the process with professional pictures, my iPhone cannot begin to compare to our professional photographers quality. This is key as we know the first impression most will have of your home is online. Then I take those photos and on top of the traditional MLS marketing we build a unique landing page just for your home. We then include that link on all of our social marketing and when people click the link they are focused on your property, not clicking on links to look at all the other houses on the market. We also build a customized video tour for your home as well so before they even pull up to your house the buyer feels at home.

For some this list seems so short but the reality is a well staged home wit
h great curb appeal that is marketed properly is going to sell fast. If you have any questions on selling your house or other real estate related questions give me a call (806) 677-6462 as I would love to help.